New Master Course Criminology and Police Science, Ruhr-University Bochum (D)

A one year, compact, postgraduate studies focused on skills, with an internationally approved Master Degree at the Faculty of Law, Ruhr-University, Bochum (Germany). Target group are students with a degree in law or social sciences, as well as police officers, social workers, and other people with a suitable degree and qualified professional experience. The offer is targeted to 25 students per year both from Germany and abroad. A two-year distance-learning program will follow in2006. The focus on the impartingof specific expert knowledge combined with theoretic basic knowledge, enabling the further acquisition and implementation of scientific cognition into the professional practice, methodical-analytical competence, professional area specific keyqualifications, in the fields of Criminology, Police science, Social work, methods. Besides the chair's full-time employees, in the MasterDegree Program about a dozen associate lecturers, both from Germany and abroad, coming from science and practice, are involved (from Justice and Police, Private Business andConsulting), amongst others O. Adang (NL), U. Ewald(D/NL), Th. Holzer (D) R. Kasecker (D), A. Klukkert(D), B. Lange (D), M. Mona (CH), B. Prestel (CH/D), M.Punch (NL/GB), J. Reichertz (D), M. Schreiber (D/NL),R. Stuchlik (D), H. Viehmann (D).

Prof. dr. Otto Adang and Martina Schreiber from the Police Academy of the Netherlands are responsible for the module "Applied police studies".