Presentation "The best police force in the world", November 30, 2006, Solna, Sweden

On March 15th 2004, the Swedish National Police Board (Rikspolissyrelsen) decided to improve the capability of the police to act effectively and in accordance with the legal right of the individual in connection with assignments that constitute or may develop into dangerous situations both in everyday situations (national basic tactics) and in extraordinary events (special police tactics).

Now that the training process has progressed considerably, the Police Board has decided to develop a long term strategy for knowledge development in the field of special police tactics focused on maintaining and improving the knowledge base and keeping abreast of international trends in this area.

The objectives of this strategy are to increase knowledge about what factors contribute to effective operations through applied research, to integrate practice, science and education and to reinforce the use of research results in police education and training.

For this purpose, a special police tactics knowledge development group will be set up, that will be headed by prof. dr. Otto Adang in his capacity as visiting professor at Swedish National Police Academy (Polishögskolan).

On November 30th, he will accept his position as visiting professor at Swedish National Police Academy and his function as head of the knowledge development project by delivering the lecture "The best police in the world: learning at all cost..."