Football Supporters and Public Order Management

Conference: Football Supporters and Public Order Management, 22 -23 January 2009
Aarhus, Danmark


The management of public order in the context of football is a major social, political and financial problem on both a national and an international level. Over the last three years this issue has become a salient concern in Denmark. In 2007 the re-elected Danish Government mentioned safety and security at football events as one of its prioritised tasks in their forthcoming term. Over the last three decades many other nations in Europe have been developing their own legislative and policing approaches to the problems of managing football related public order. There have also been important developments in scientific understanding of public order policing and its relationship to the dynamics of football crowd events.

The Danish Ministry of Culture and the University of Aarhus have sponsored this Conference in order to draw together key agencies, leading practitioners and scientific experts from Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K. The intention is to draw upon available knowledge and expertise to generate recommendations for the effective management of football related public order both inside and outside football stadiums in Denmark.

The conference is organised around three distinctive but interrelated themes.
• Safety & Security
• Policing football supporters
• Legislation and fan involvement

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