Football violence in Argentina, march 2009

Behavioural Scientist Otto Adang has advised many European countries on combating football violence including at the last 3 European Championships. He has recently been in Argentina and highlighted the different nature of the problem here. 'In Argentina the European solution is impractical. In Europe the hooligans were on the fringes of the system. Here (Argentina) they have surprising links to the business of football'. The business he refers to is on occasion holding players contracts/registrations, controlling merchandise sales, travel and selling drugs.

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Dutch security expert Otto Adang said European-style solutions to hooliganism would not work in Argentina.

"I'm shocked at the connections that the barras have with power," he said in the sports daily Ole.

"The European solution in Argentina is impractical. In Europe, the hooligans are concentrated in marginal groups with no relation to the system. Here, they are connected to a surprising extent."